• Passport or ID card
• Driving license
• For foreigners – visa or immigration card, driving license
• A permission for living temporary or permanent in the area of Azerbaijan Republic for foreigners and stateless citizens
• Min age – 23
• Min driving experience – 2 year
While hiring the motor vehicle the contract is an integral part of it.The contract should be confirmed the sign of the customer, information about the obligations in the contract and agreement of the customer.
The subject of the contract
1.1. The lessor should give the temporary use of the motor vehicle to the tenant with the property rights. For the use of the motor vehicle, the tenant should pay the specified amount of the contract to the lessor.
1.2. The partners should hand over and accept the motor vehicle according to the “ HANDOVER” agreement which is an integral part of the contract.
1.3. The rental motor vehicles are valued in accordance with the agreement of the partners in the contract.
2. Obligations of the partners:
2.1. The lessors obligations:
2.1.1. The motor vehicle should be delivered to the tenant in the signing day of the contract.
2.1.2. After checking the working conditions of the motor vehicle, it should be given to the tenant. At the end of each month the lessor should be responsible for checking the technical inspection of the vehicle.
2.1.3. The motor vehicle with required documents should be given to the tenant.
2.1.4. The motor vehicle should be insured according to the principals of law.
2.1.5. Requires the implementations of the obligations from the tenant under the contract.
2.2. The tenants obligations:
2.2.1. The use of the motor vehicle fits for the purpose and for using of it the defined amount should be paid on time to the lessor.
2.2.2. During the use of period of motor vehicle ,the tenant should be responsible for damaged vehicular movement mechanisms and devices by third partners in accordance by the legislation
2.2.3. At the end of the lease term of the motor vehicle the tenant should return it according to the “handover” statement.
2.2.4. If the motor vehicle is rented for a long time , in this case five thousand miles should be given for a month-limit; but if the limit is taken over the tenant is responsible for the oil changing, braking updates so all these are changed with the participation of representatives.
2.2.5. The tenant accepts all these obligations under the agreement.
3. Fee and procedure for renting
3.1. The tenant should pay a specified amount for using a motor vehicle each day. The insurances are included to the prices.
3.2. In addition to the rental payment , the tenant should pay the specified amount to the lessor for road accidents, theft and personal accidents in taking over of the motor vehicle. If the vehicle is not damaged, the franchise should be fully returned to the tenant.
3.3. If the tenant makes road violations and over speed during the rental time the defined deposite is kept in the lessor for 15 days.
3.4. Delivering the vehicle by the tenant if it is delayed an hour, amounting of 20 % for a day of rental fee, delay of 2 hours for a day, the amounting of 40% for a rental fee, but if it is more than 3 hours the amounting of 60% of rental fee should be paid by tenant. Delaying the motor vehicle by the tenant for 4 hours should be regarded as theft and appropriate measures should be taken by relevant articles of Crime Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic.
3.5. The fee should be paid to the lessor by cash or bank transfer by the tenant.
4. Special conditions
4.1. A tenant should have 24 years old and a valid driving license at least a year in order to rent a motor vehicle which is included to the ABC Group.
4.2. The vehicle which is rented should not be deducted from the territory of Azerbaijan Republic without unawareness or consent of the lessor.
4.3. Violation of safety road rules by the tenant and being kept and held of the vehicle by the relevant and executive authorities , the vehicle is concerned from the leased period of time and if the time is more than provided from this agreement the tenant should pay the amount to the lessor.
4.4. The insurances will be invalidated when the tenant violates the allowed speed under the influence of alcohol or drugs, resulting intentional or negligent failure of the vehicle. In the event of any sort of accidents, the tenant without changing the place of the vehicle should approach the nearest Police office then the accident should be taken note of approval or got an alcohol test. Also, keep in touch with the insurance company. Otherwise, the tenant should take responsibility for paying compensation for damages.
4.5. Without having the fault of the tenant, the lessor is responsible for engine transmission (a rare – brake transfer box) of the booster battery and tires of the vehicle. The tenant should be responsible for other maintenances and services. For the fault of the tenant, the lessor is not responsible for the light windows (front, side, back),stop signals, tires and scratches and in this case the damage should be eliminated by the tenant under item 3.2 of this contract.
5. Prohibitions
5.1. Using motor transport is prohibited in hunting, building construction, heavy truck traffic.
5.2. Carrying caustic, explosive and other substances like that are prohibited.
5.3. Reckless driving, disrupting public order by the vehicle lessee, demonstratively braking the rest down of the people, disrespecting to the community, continuing to violate traffic rules in various ways, all these are prohibited.
5.4. Making changes in the design of the vehicle is prohibited.
5.5. If the tenant does not follow the provisions of Article 5 of the contract, will pay a specified fine for this.
6. The final provisions.
6.1. The duration of the contract is determined by the consent of the partners.
6.2. It is possible to make additions or changes to this contract by the consent of the partners. Before 2 hours the determination of the contract can be announced by the consent of the partners.
6.3. All disagreements between the partners, as usual, are only solved by negotiation, if the disagreement is not obtained, the conflict is solved by court.
6.4. All the tasks which are not conserved in the contract are adjusted by the current legislation of Azerbaijan Republic.
6.5. The copy of the driving license and ID card of the tenant should be sticked to the contract.
6.6. The contract is formed by having two same duplications: one of the duplication is given to the lessor, another is kept to the tenant.